Synteen Technical Fabrics is a South Carolina-based company focused on supplying high quality and American-made geogrids and technical fabrics. They were in need of a new logo could both communicate their engineering prowess and bring their branding into a modern light.

The Solution

When working with Synteen, their main concerns were that their previous logo no longer represented their current integration with today’s market. The previous logo and branding felt dated, and did not communicate the intricate solutions that they offer. With its ties in engineering, a modern, strong, typographic style was ideal for Synteen. We settled on a tri-color scheme that was practical yet powerful, with a key red to represent energy, power and tenacity. Its circular border creates a crest that easily adapts across all uses, both online and in their physical product packaging.

In addition to their new logo, we created both a product sales brochure and product cards to assist their team in informing and attracting new clients. These sleek cards easily adapt to a range of their products, with simple checkboxes keeping production cost down. Rather than printing cards for each product, a grid layout with checkboxes makes the card both flexible and affordable. A sample of the product is stapled to the card to offer a tangible take-home for contractors and engineers.

Design Collateral

Logo and Branding Design
Product Sample Cards
Product Brochure

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