ePush is a marketing company that capitalizes on behavioral marketing to boost sales for automotive dealerships. We worked closely with their clients and customer development teams to create a series of sales and service mobile-responsive email designs.

The Solution

Simplifying the information delivery in a sales email is ideal for conversion. We worked closely with the email developer to find a solution that worked within the limited code allowed in emails. We designed an email that was not only visually compelling, but simple enough to offer a singular call to action, which in this case, was to learn more about each sales or service offer. Both sales and service designs are structured to stack vertically as the screen shrinks, without losing details or information. The designs are easily adapted to any OEM, with the imagery and key colors adaptable for the respective manufacturers. The structure we designed kept it scalable and light enough to not overstep any OEM brand guidelines.

Design Collateral

Automotive Marketing Email Design

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