We help boost the connection between quality online marketing and strong client retention. We have the solutions to help you build the best online digital relationships you can, with the very people who make your business prosperous.

Social media strategy, design and management

We love social media for businesses! Never before have you been able to so affordably interact with, connect to, educate and inspire your target customers. Our social media marketing plans are scaleable to any business and platform. We tailor marketing plans to our clients’ industries, and no two plans are the same. Our strategies focus on informing your customers through education, service/product spotlights, and inspirational posts. By intelligently marketing what you offer, and how people can interact with or hire you, our social media marketing plans get results!

    • Social Media Management
    • Social Media Strategy
    • Social Media Content Design
    • Social Media Posting
    • Social Media Optimization

Print, web and graphic design

Print is still an integral part of customer demand, be it postcards, label designs or sales sheets. Our full service creative department works with you to delight and inform your target market from screens to mailboxes. Plus, our connections with high-end Tampa Bay area print houses means that we can deliver the best in print materials. Great graphic design is a vital component of standing out from a crowded market and elevates you above competition. Whether you need an entire social media suite or simply a single email layout, our artists help you shine.

    • Label and Package Design
    • Direct Mail
    • Brochures,¬†Business Cards¬†and Trifolds
    • Supporting Graphics
    • Email Marketing and Newsletters

Branding, identities and logos

Your logo is the face of your company, and investing in a strong identity package can be the difference between success and failure. Our bespoke design process means that every client receives a completely custom package every time. Our comprehensive process dives deep into your company’s services, ideal clients and integrity. We explore your industry to create a visual identity that expresses your individuality and expertise. Our thorough design process leaves no stone unturned when it comes to creatively branding your service, product or business.

    • Branding
    • Logo Design
    • Style Sheets
    • Photography and Videography
    • Creative Direction

WordPress design and development

We harness the power of custom WordPress themes to create easy-to-maintain, mobile-responsive and well-designed websites that scale with your business. The WordPress platform makes it easy for our clients to have complete control over their content without having to pay hefty maintenance fees. With endless design options available, we can create a site that expresses your unique branding and messaging affordably. All of our website packages include assistance with content, copy writing and structure so that your site both functions and communicates well.

    • WordPress Customization
    • Theme Development
    • Copywriting
    • Analytics

Agency Retainer Services

We understand the desire to have a dedicated designer whose main goal is to assist marketing and sales. We also understand that costs associated with keeping an employee are very high. This is why we offer the GoTeka Agency Retainer, which allows you to access our services for a flat rate on a weekly basis. This service allows us to offer the best of both worlds: the accessibility of a 9-5 employee with the flexibility and expertise of a full agency. Each retainer is tailored perfectly to your needs and is customized to match our efforts with your business goals.

Step 1: Project Survey

Before our projects begin, we ask for all clients to fill out a survey regarding their goals, timelines and project requirements. This is your chance to share your dreams and goals about your project! This step is integral for us determine how best we can help you reach your business targets.

Step 2: Follow-up Meeting

Once we've received your survey, we will follow up with a request for either an in-person (for Tampa Bay locals) or web meeting. This consultation includes clarifying questions and introductions. Our goal is to be partners in your success, and not a no-face team pushing buttons behind the scenes. During these calls, we dive deeper into your project's expectations, your services, products and company's culture. This helps us uncover the best path to success for your project. This is one of the most vital steps to our process as it helps us truly understand your company, your vision, integrity, and how we can best help you. Most projects require just 1 initial meeting.

Step 3: Proposal

After having collected data from the survey and follow up call, we will then create a comprehensive outline for your project which includes deliverables, timelines and price breakdowns. This custom proposal process allows us to tailor each project to our clients' individual needs and explores many budget price points that best fit all parties. This is the first step in the agreement and hiring process.

Step 4: Project start

Once the proposal is agreed upon and signed, you're on the books! Some projects are available for immediate project start where larger scale projects may be booked out a few weeks from agreement. This begins your on-boarding process as a GoTeka client and is when we start to do the work that will grow your business.

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