The GoTeka Agency Retainer

You need a consistent, reliable designer who knows your brand inside and out to assist sales and marketing. But… you don’t always have full time projects and sometimes you need more than what a single staff member can handle. Our solution is the GoTeka Agency Retainer! We offer the “employee experience” with the benefits of agency expertise and flexibility. Our white label process means that you own all of the work we complete. Plus, with our creative and marketing retainer services, your business has personal access to two talented and experienced designers. Our plans are tailored & priced depending on your monthly needs – they were created to offer your business access to professional design & marketing services without the gamble of an employee.

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Agency Retainer FAQ

Why would I choose an agency retainer?
Rather than coordinating with random designers, developers, and marketing experts, we offer an all-in-one approach for your company. There’s no need to juggle multiple invoices, contracts, and paperwork. We essentially become your mobile Marketing and Design Department. We integrate ourselves into your business, get to know your team members, and offer all the benefits of hiring an in-house designer with significantly less hassle. We’re available on a weekly basis to assist with the steps that you need to take to build your empire, and we carve out time each week just for you. In addition, our retainer plans work on a sliding scale that rewards loyalty – the more hours you book, the less you pay! You can save up to 20% off our hourly rate.

What are other benefits of an agency retainer?
With a creative services retainer, you receive dedicated weekly design and marketing time when it comes to our work pipeline. You aren’t subject to our other projects and we make you priority. Your work is shared and deliberated among two experienced designers, meaning that your work gets done faster and receives a second set of eyes for quality control.

Can you attend work functions or staff meetings?
If you’re located in Mid- or South Florida, yes! We are located in beautiful Tampa Bay, Florida, and regularly meet with our local clients to discuss their needs, attend staff functions and present our work.

How many hours are included in the agency retainer?
We scale our packages to fit your business, so you only pay for exactly as much work as you need. Our agency retainer packages start at 12 months and at 4 hours weekly. We keep you in the loop! At the beginning of each week, we check in with you to plan the week ahead, and collect any data we need before getting started. (Minimum hours must be used by the end of the billing cycle and cannot be transferred, as we are reserving this time exclusively for your company. Whenever possible, we will be proactive to ensure your hours are put to use.)

How will I know what hours have been utilized?
Each month you will receive a detailed statement itemizing the work completed and time spent. Depending on the number of hours spent, your rate will flex between tiers that will be agreed upon before starting. You can also request this information during any point of the billing cycle if needed.

Who initiates the work?
At the beginning of the retainer, we discuss your needs as a company and talk in detail about what design services will be needed. This process allows us to understand your needs and help consult you on the best plan of action. In general, every week, you will provide us with tasks, including all deadlines, content, and details for completing the projects. If you are short on projects for the week, we will initiate design and marketing deliverables that further your business goals as defined at the beginning of the retainer.

Design Services

As partners to your business, we offer an A-Z design approach to your growth! As you scale, enter new markets, add new products or services, your design needs will change. Listed are just a few of the design services available on retainer.
  • Business consulting
  • Art direction
  • Industry research
  • Copywriting
  • Photography
  • Custom notebooks or paper
  • Letterhead, business cards, envelopes
  • Animated presentations
  • Custom illustrated icons and patterns
  • Product packaging
  • Menus
  • Event materials
  • Interior and exterior signage
  • Social media strategy, graphics and management
  • WordPress website management
  • Stamps, stickers and labels
  • Apparel
  • Direct mail
  • Digital and printed newsletters
  • Emails
  • Catalogs and brochures

*Printing or creation of products is additional.

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