Hot Tip Hut: Auditing and Maintaining Your Website

Even if your business isn’t e-commerce focused, keeping your website up to par is enormously important. Your website is one of the only tools that works all hours of the day.

These tips are applicable across all platforms, whether you use Wix, Squarespace or have a custom WordPress site.

These steps should only take you about 20 minutes but will go a long way in communicating with your customers. Ensure success today – comb through the information now, then set a reminder on your calendar to audit your website again in 3-6 months.

Important points to ask when reviewing your site for potential updates:

  • Is the contact information still correct?
  • If using WordPress, are there theme or plugin updates?
  • Have your services shifted or changed recently?
  • Do you have new staff or company updates?
  • Is the branding (logo, colors, fonts) still correct?
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