Hot Tip Hut: Picking the Right Hashtags

Hashtags are a vital part of gaining exposure and followers on social media. With a maximum of 30 Instagram hashtags, you can grow your interactions quickly!

They help your fans or customers find you, and allow users to browse content in a curated gallery. Not sure what hashtags are relevant for you? Use this simple formula to get started:

  1. Hashtags surrounding your business and/or lifestyle (#goteka + #agencylife + #hustle + #agencylife)
  2. Popular daily or seasonal hashtags (#mondaymotivation + #tuesdaythoughts + #november)
  3. Content, subject or service-related hashtags (#hottiphut + #socialmediamarketing + #graphicdesign + #hashtags)

Remember: Instagram only allows 30 hashtags per post.

You can also explore the search functions on Instagram to see what popular influencers in your industry are using. Websites such as, and are greatly helpful in discovering what hashtags are trending.

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